Service strategy and vision together with Polestar

Together with Polestar we created a new service strategy for the Polestar app, the companion app to their cars.


The work of creating the service strategy was agile, time-effective, and results-driven. In less than a year, we could see significant measurable results.

We started to work with the Polestar app even before there existed any Polestar cars. Half a decade later, when the app had grown alongside the Polestar brand we identified the need of strategic realignment.


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The solution

Performance is in the core of the Polestar DNA as well as doing things in a progressive way. Creating things that make impact and stay clear from the pitfalls of strategic work like getting stuck in stakeholder alignment or creating 'dust collecting' strategy presentations was key requirement from the start.

Through collaboration with a cross-departmental group, we chiseled out a strategic direction for the Polestar app, while continuously communicating the strategy across departments and stakeholders – all the way up to top management – aligning the work throughout.

The final output was a clear way forward for the app with concrete actions and solutions to reach the set goals.


increase in the app store ranking.
And we saw a significant increase in positive user feedback in forums.

Key takeaways for successful strategy work:


  1. Agile strategy: Avoid pitfalls by breaking strategic work down into manageable, collaborative pieces for necessary flexibility, and continuous refinement.
  2. Co-creation overcomes resistance: Tackle 'Not Invented Here' attitudes and facilitate smooth implementation through stakeholder inclusion and co-creation during strategy development phases.
  3. Make your strategies actionable and measurable: Enable those affected by the strategy to use them effectively – and evaluate the success rate, highlighting the importance of including 'ground-level' perspectives in the strategic process.


Our delivery included:

  • Strategic advisory
  • Research
  • Process management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Vision and concept
  • Implementation
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