Driving digital marketing maturity
— across multiple markets

Transforming the way your organization does digital marketing is a challenge. Transforming the way your organization does digital marketing across multiple markets is almost impossible. Or at least, it can feel that way.


Stena Recycling works in several European markets, and while being a leading recycling company throughout Scandinavia and Europe, each one has its individual challenges. This had led to a fragmented digital marketing experience and differing capabilities across markets. So when Stena Recycling wanted to create a unified digital marketing plan for all markets, it presented a major challenge.


A cohesive, unified marketing plan for all territories requires a nuanced approach, as the more advanced markets need to focus on different aspects than those in the beginning of their digital marketing journey. Those just starting out in their digital marketing efforts obviously can’t jump straight to the finish-line. With this in mind, how do you create a unified marketing plan – for every market?


The answer lies in a Digital Marketing Maturity Ladder. By identifying every market’s current objective, capabilities, current strategies, and challenges, we created a Digital Marketing Maturity Ladder in the form of a roadmap, as to allow every market to know what they need to focus on, together with guidelines for all facets of their digital marketing – so they can work together in the same direction to achieve industry digital marketing leadership.


By working closely with the client while involving every market in the process and mapping out their current capabilities and challenges through in-depth analysis and digital workshops in Miro, we created alignment in processes and goals. All while creating a digital marketing plan that allows the more mature markets to keep pushing ahead without leaving any of the others behind.

“Stendahls’ frameworks and methodology has allowed us to become more aligned as an international organization, enabling us to further our position as a company and as a brand on all of our markets.”

– Lovisa Andersson, Head of Corporate Marketing Development



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