The Call to Inaction

How we made participation in Sandvik's recycling program skyrocket by asking their customers to do... Nothing.


Sandvik, a key supplier in the global mining industry, launched a free recycling program in 2013. The goal was to collect and recycle worn-out drilling tools containing tungsten, a mineral expected to run out within 40 to 100 years. But despite the urgency, only one in three customers signed up.


To increase participation we flipped the decision process. Recycling was included with all sales, and those who didn’t want to contribute had to opt out. As a result, the campaign became a giant “call to inaction”. In an hour-long guided meditation video covering all program benefits, the mining community was encouraged to sit back, relax, and experience the calmness of recycling.


The initiative not only drastically increased participation overnight, but also highlighted the alarming shortage of tungsten. Proving that sometimes, the best way to make a difference is doing nothing.

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