The Fall Collection 2022

By turning a drab-looking anti-slip bath mat into a natural part of the home decor, we proved that good design does not only look nice – it has the power to save lives.


Each year, 100,000 elderly are hospitalized due to slip and fall accidents. 75% of these accidents occur at home and the bathroom stands out as a high-risk area. The insurance company Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän continuously work to reduce these numbers, for the best accident is always the one that never occurs.


Fall prevention tools can significantly reduce the risk of falling. However, these tools often lack any design, beyond functionality. In fact, these products are rejected by as many as 78%, simply because of their dull looks. So how do we make a change?


Since you never get too old to care about design, we turned a drab-looking anti-slip bath mat into a natural part of the home decor. Collaborating with the prominent Swedish designer Lotta Kühlhorn, we created a colorful pattern inspired by slip and fall accidents.

The Campaign

We then launched The Fall Collection – a release campaign worthy of any other design product. With it we displayed our target audience as strong, bold and beautiful – a side rarely shown.


The campaign was shown in print media, digital banners and social media. It was also picked up by several magazines fitting for interior design as well as our target audience, such as Plaza Interiör, Femina and Allers.


The mat was complimentary when signing up for senior accident insurance, but was also available for purchase on for anyone wanting a safe and stylish home.


Beyond making some national buzz and bringing light to the issue, the campaign increased senior accident insurance sales by 60%. And hopefully, prevented just as many slip and fall accidents – in style.


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