The World’s First Gynecological Cinema

Do you have what it takes to put yourself in a woman’s position? That’s the question leading up to the Göteborg Film Festival, this time with a theme of Feminism and Gender equality. In this campaign we chose to leave products and services behind and went all-in on emotion. Our only KPI for our work became goose bumps.

The film industry faces a paradigm shift, where streaming services pose a significant threat to the actual cinema visit as an experience. Göteborg Film Festival wanted to do something which Netflix and other services can not compete with.


A unique collaboration between the Film Festival, agency Stendahls and the artist Anna Odell lead to both an artwork in the form of an interactive film experience, “The Examination” and the festival theme campaign. 

Eleven patriarchs and Swedish men in power, such as Jan Guillou, Thomas Bodström, and Börje Salming were invited to a conversation about equality, power, and empathy. As part of the work, the participating men must decide whether to undergo something that only women ordinarily have to: a gynecological exam. 


The work was to be presented in its entirety during Göteborg Film Festival 2020: introducing The Gynecological Cinema Chair. 

Then the public and festival visitors were invited to a custom-built gynecologists reception and face a choice that affects the experience of the work. Do you dare to show yourself vulnerable?

Primary goal results


Increase engagement around GFF with regularly published content in owned channels and thereby increase the number of articles and mentions in both the Swedish and international press. From 300 to 350 articles.

  • 500 international and Swedish articles have so far been published in; Variety, Hollywood Reporter, ScreenDaily, Elle, AV News, The Herald, IMDB but also mentions in major Swedish media such as SVT Morgonstudion, Sveriges Radio, DN, SvD and GP.


Mentions in at least 40 countries of which 20 new. 

  • 120 countries have mentioned the initiative so far.

Secondary goal results


Increase sales by 4%.

  • 6% increase


Increase the number of participants by 4%.

  • 6% increase


Increase SoMe engagement by 7% before/during the festival period.

  • 11% increase


Sell 100 tickets to the gynecological cinema (520 available seats).

  • All 520 tickets sold within an hour

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