The World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema

The film industry is facing a major shift, streaming services such as Netflix and HBO are a major threat to cinemas. Therefore, it was important to create something that Netflix can’t – an experience. The interest shown for The World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema exceeded all expectations!


The aim was to attract international attention to the festival and be ranked as one of the top ten film festivals in the world.


To reflect the festival’s theme Apocalypse during the premiere of Harry Martinsson’s space epos Aniara, “The World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema” was created. A cinema where comfortable armchairs were replaced by eight sarcophagi. Just like in the film, we wanted to make visitors feel isolated from the outside and trapped in space. Tickets for 28 screenings were available exclusively on the website.


With zero media budget, the communication strategy was to reach out to a broader target group than the usual festival goers. With the initiative, we wanted to awaken media’s curiosity beyond the cultural verticals – and the interest shown exceeded all expectations!


Reach: over 1.2 billion.

One tweet published every three seconds during the launch.

Over 500 articles published globally.

Tickets for the 28 screenings were gone in just a few hours.

The most trending festival event globally on Google News.

Huge engagement on social media and forums such as Reddit.

On the Creative Works Leaderboard at The Drum.

Namned Best Outdoor at Best Ads on TV.

All time high attendees ever.


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