AI Integration & Strategy

Many companies are already leveraging AI to boost growth and efficiency. And in today's competitive market, you can't afford to get left behind. However, without a strategic approach, AI can become just a hollow gimmick. That's why we always focus on connecting AI with important business principles – ensuring we can create direct and measurable impact. We are to the point, and focused on actionable solutions rather than “just talking about it”.


More than just the hype

At Stendahls, we don't embrace AI merely for the sake of hype. Our focus is on harnessing AI to amplify your brand's narrative, ensuring it remains powerful, compelling, and resonant. We provide AI-driven marketing and activation strategies that capture the attention your brand deserves, all while maintaining the essential human touch. Moreover, we leverage AI as a potent design pattern, employ it to craft the optimal UX, and offer training on generative AI for content creation and AI-powered collaboration.

“AI needs to be business-driven, not only technology-driven...”


What does this mean for me?

We help you understand what AI means for your organization. Where it creates business value. Where it can support your customers. And we integrate it natively into your services and touch points. We'll challenge you by asking, "what problem are we trying to solve?", and by employing design principles, we'll always explore solutions where AI can excel.


AI Advisory Session

0.5 Day / Fixed price


AI Audit

2 Days / Fixed price


AI Design Sprint

5 Days / Fixed price


AI Advisory Session

Embark on a deep-dive with our AI Strategy Lead. You'll gain insights into actionable opportunities that can enhance your business, products and/or services.

  • 0.5 day

  • Fixed price


We deliver: Dedicated session, greater understanding of impact


AI Audit & Impact Map

We look at your current products, services, or processes using a design-driven approach, and evaluate where AI/generative AI can create intended value. Our goal is to quickly identify AI-driven user- and business value for your business. For this AI Audit, you'll have the opportunity to consult with our AI Strategy Lead, UX Director, and Creative tech resources.

  • 2 days

  • Highly specialized team

  • Fixed price


We deliver: Impact map, scored with business- and user value


AI Design Sprint

Work with our AI Strategy Lead, UX/Service Designers and Creative techs during a 5-day process to explore and validate AI-driven ideas, and solve your biggest challenges through prototyping and testing. This week of concentrated efforts will culminate in a final prototype that showcases the tangible potential of AI for your business, and an early proof of concept.

  • 5 days

  • Highly specialized team

  • Fixed price


We deliver:  Prototype/Proof of Concept, and a great starting point for your AI journey

We combine our design, business, and technical skills to maximize the value generated by AI – making us an ideal partner. Our expertise allows us to generate great user and business value for our clients. And to develop solutions with robust AI architecture. We also make it a priority to cover all legal aspects, including data security and compliance.


Want to know more, or explore AI opportunities?


Christofer Falkman

AI Strategy Lead

+46 706 720 645

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