Become AI driven – Boost growth and create business value using AI


June 13th, 9:00-10:30


In order to unlock the full potential of AI and achieve desired improvements in growth, efficiency, and business value, a strategic approach is your best bet. In this webinar, we explore how AI can help transform your organization, how it can be used to add value, enhancing customer interactions, and how AI can be seamlessly integrated into your digital solutions and touchpoints.


Join us as we share valuable insights and hands-on, step-by-step tips on how a more strategic approach to AI integration will help strengthen your brand, product, or service. Discover how aligning AI with your business objectives – rather than using a solely technology-driven approach – can produce tangible results.


Led by Christofer Falkman, our AI Strategy Lead, we will delve into real-world AI cases developed at Stendahls, showcasing their impact and effectiveness. Additionally, we will examine the ethical and legislative considerations surrounding AI implementation.


Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of AI's potential and how it can help shape your organization's future.




Christofer Falkman

AI Strategy Lead