Service Design & Innovation

We develop new digital business models, and validate them by creating proofs of concept – together with you and your customers.

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You will quickly understand if an idea works or not – before you spend the money


Our work is based on proven methods and ways of working, as used by top innovation and design companies all over the world


You will be provided with a product roadmap, based on learnings and reality

It’s quick. It’s efficient. And it will always provide you clear and useful results.

“The team at Stendahls has performed exceptionally and delivered for a flagship product targeted towards our customers. Our company being a start-up in the Automotive industry along with a new business model has always thrown challenges along the way and the team has taken that up like a product team in the true sense!”

- Diana Panda, Polestar

Three packaged offerings


Explore & Sketch

It’s all about exploring the bigger picture. Quick idea sketching and rapid testing. Understand the challenge – and visualize the potential.


  • 1 week
  • Highly specialized team
  • Fixed price

We deliver: Idea sketches, insights, inspiration and mockups.


Discover & Prototype

Development of the concept and the business model behind it. Creation of mockups and prototypes. Provides you with the most important input that you need in order to raise an investment.


  • 4 weeks

  • Highly specialized team

  • Fixed price


We deliver: Clickable prototype(s), SWOT analysis, ideas for business model, foundation for business case.



This is the real deal. A fully functional pilot for your customers to use, allowing them to try out the new business idea and, as a result, subjecting it to large-scale live testing. Or: providing you with a great starting point for the new product or service.

  • 12 weeks
  • Highly specialized team
  • Fixed price

We deliver: A real product: it’s an MVP, good enough to start testing the idea in a real setting with real users. A great starting point from which you can continue to scale up.

“With Stendahls as a digital strategic partner, we have developed new digital interfaces for Göteborg Energi, which have delivered increased customer satisfaction, simplicity and greatly improved conversion. Stendahls has an ability to challenge, stimulate, live the brand and deliver on time in a pleasant climate of cooperation.”

- Andreas Welinder, Göteborg Energi 

Designing the business behind the idea


Being able to clearly visualize long-term business goals, the process of reaching them will become easier to both understand and implement. Additionally, it’ll facilitate attracting sponsors – both internal and external.

By fully understanding your position, relevant trends and your place in the competitive landscape, you’ll be able to focus on increasing growth and building an optimized business model.

What is your challenge?


– At our global enterprise we are not getting the idea through to our organization, we’re constantly getting stuck in internal politics. It’s imperative to try out our ideas – before we ramp up.

– I feel that we need additional perspectives and points of view, working in parallel with the normal product organization, to start thinking outside the box.

– We want to learn more about cutting-edge digital innovation. At the moment we don’t have enough internal competence or capacity.

– We need to understand how we can get a return on our digital investments before we start spending.

– Digital transformation moves rapidly, and we need to accelerate change and innovation in order to get ahead of the competition – but where do we start?

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Kaj Leissner

Business Area Director, Design & Technology

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